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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on the scene. >> the first officer did make contact with the driver and shortly thereafter, the driver pulled out a gun and shot at that officer and then, the second officer discharged a weapon. >> the second officer fatally wounded the suspect. the chp says a passing driver called 911 saying an officer needed help. units and medical crews then rushed to the scene. here is a portion of the radio communications between chp dispatch and a responding officer. >> nobody else is at 87 yet. with the description of the subject, suspect or he anything like that? >> negative he just said officer down and no response yet. >> both officer and suspect were taken to john muir hospital. the suspect died there. >> this is kind of the tail end of the morning commute. there was a lot of traffic going southbound. and this is a number of eye witnesses remaining on the
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scene. >> the highway was empty and investigators from numerous agencies gathered evidence and set up a crime lab under the canopy. investigators say a deer was not hit by stray bullets. they say passing motorists spotted the dead animal in the morning commute. and as you can see from sky 7 hd, investigators are still combing those lanes on the southbound lanes of 680. and as they continue their investigation. gathering evidence. and there are a lot of questions and unanswered questions. the spokesman did not address questions. one is that you may have noticed the car, that jeep was pulled behind the officer's patrol car. we know that when you're stopped by an officer they normally pull behind you. and behind the car they
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stopped and they're told the car did have dash cam video. that may help address some of the unanswered questions. now, let's go to my colleague who is at john muir medical center. the wounded officer remains in critical condition. >> that is right. the last report we heard is that officer is on live support. and the law enforcement community is thankful they didn't lose one of their own. whenever they passed our cameras their faces were fraught with sorrow and they looked close to tears. we have video of the scene. the ambulance escorted by officers. the sargeant from the california patrol choked up this afternoon when she put into words what happened this morning. >> this is a situation not to
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swerve from the path of duty. and that is what we do on a daily basis. and something that we stand strong with and try and deal with. i have known him or a short period of time. his family will be in our prayers and thoughts. >> you can hear the sorrow in her voice. the sarnlent just told us this officer was doing his job when shot by the suspect. family and friends were coming and going some with a police escort, many with arms wrapped around one another. and again, here the sargeant touching on the impact of the event. >> it doesn't just hit us, we're there to provide a service to you and support to you so it's just not us, it's everybody. you're the people we serve.
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>> there is a steady show of support from laurnlt. there are times police cars spilled on to streets. officers from not only chp but the sheriff's office and nearby cities. the mood is heavy today, i cannot stress enough. the sargeant says they're focusing on the wounded officer hoping thoughts and prayers help his family cope. they're hoping that his condition, of course will stay stable. live in walnut creek abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and as you've seen the investigation into this shooting caused major traffic tie ups in the alamo area. and it's been terrible there all day long. and we're live with what drivers have been facing all day.
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>> there is traffic moving behind me. it did reopen about 1:00. it's slow going but that is normal for the road at this time of the day. what was not normal is what happened earlier. this video gives an idea of how bizarre traffic disruption became on 680. big rigs turned on the middle of the freeway this, on ramp became an off ramp. >> we had to. we're sitting there two hours and how weird does it feel? >> weird. >> the closure made the back to work commute a nightmare that left thousands of people frazzled. >> i've been in traffic two and a half hours and i'm stressed out. this is a pit stop. >> the town became a parking a lot. drivers got off on sycamore
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valley trying to make their way through downtown. truckers found themselves in a jam. >> and this is like a no truck zone. there is nothing else we can do. >> somebody 680 is still closed where the shooting took place. the portion is expected to open according to the chp around 5:00. we'll check back in during our 5:00 hour. and. >> thank you, karina. another live shot of 680, southbound is still bumper to bumper. they have southbound closed at highway 24 and then, eastbound 24, the ramp is also closed. we zront any word on any opening. and there is a live shot of
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24. and eastbound 24 seems to be moving well at this time. taking a look at what is going on here eastbound and westbound 24 directions once again, southbound is closed. 680 at 24 all the way to the estimated time of opening there. there are drive times for you there, 24 eastbound is 30 minutes. we'll update you as we get more. cheryl? larry. >> thank you very much. and we're going continue to follow this story of course for you on abc 7 news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. our waze app can help you navigate ash the traffic jam skpuk find it for free. >> in other news, positive news to report right now about a firefighter who had a heart attack battling a church fire. >> a spokesperson tells abc 7
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news is he starting to move, he's awake, talking and recognizing family and friends. he's still in an intensive care unit but this is the news people have been waiting for. >> many co-workers have been by his side, crews put ". >> i fire at st. patrick's cathedral. >> the second anniversary of the deadly pipeline explosion is less than a week way. people are recovering and calling for change. there is more from san bruno. >> happening now victims of the deadly september 9, 2010 pipeline explosion are bracing for a painful two-year anniversary. some came out to support jerry hill today. and all of them have to do with requiring regulators to keep a watch on safety. the neighborhood where eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed still has a long way to go. eight homes have been rebuilt. 13 more in the works.
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this is uncertain what will happen. victims worry people will forget the who areo of what happened here. >> i wasn't going to say anything about today and this city will hold an anniversary event on sunday. in san bruno, abc 7 news. >> let's check on the weather now with spencer christian. >> spencer. >> we're in store for changing conditions. the warmth yesterday is repoeted today. there is clouds and moisture coming our way. it could produce a thunderstorm or two. this evening, looking at mainly cloudy skies, overnight we'll see low clouds and fog developing near the coast. 1k3 there is a mainly clear evening temperatures ranging from 50s to 80s in slow to cool down inland areas. there is temperature from 49 to 57. a mix of clouds and sun z a
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flow of subtropical moisture coming up into our direction. and with the afternoon heating, there may be a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow and perhaps thursday. i'll tell you more about that later in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 democratic national convention has begun. we're going to take you there live for a preview of the highlight of opening night. >> hackers may have your number. the way they got their hands on apple device number autos also, high chairs may make feeding waib baby easier but they can be dangerous. >> we told you about traffic in the east bay. as a result of the shooting situation. right now this is a live shot of downtown san francisco and the sky wait. the usual crawl is drivers trying to make their way to the east bay. a lot better for those folks heading southbound.
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the democratic national convention kick ofz in charlottes, north carolina today. >> and abc joins us live with more now. >> michelle obama will be taking center stage and campaign officials say she'll be a character witness for the president's decision making. >> she's considered the president's closer. and democrats hope tonight the first lady can deliver a
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winning sales pitch. mrs. obama is popular with a favoribility rating of nearly 70%. her husband, 50%. her prime time appearance provides an opportunity to reach out to the disappointed obama voters the one who's believe he hasn't fulfilled his promise of hope and change. >> the fact someone is likeable as michelle obama says barack obama is a good guy? that work autos it's a chance to appeal to women voters considered to be a key to victory in november. >> whatever i say here today, it's going to be at best a disstant second to the speech you will hear tonight from the star of the obama family, michelle obama. >> campaign aides say the first lady will speak about her husband's values and judgment and a personal way of doing it no politician or political advisor can. >> barack is the level headedness you see is real.
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>> and set to take center stage tonight. earlier today sh he spoke to abc's diane sawyer. >> i can guarantee you i'm going to be nervous but i think when i get up there, i'll be okay. >> the president will watch in the white house with their daughters. mrs. obama says if malia and sasha have home work it's a priority. >> thank you. >> and there is a major police presence in charlotte. pro testors gathered today and officers tried to march towards the convention center. one person was arrested. and organizers once demonstrated and abc 7 news is in charlotte, north carolina coming up on abc 7 news at
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5:00 and then again, at 6:00. you can get updates by following him on our facebook page. and we'd like to you join us for live coverage from charlotte that airs tonight on abc 7. >> and there is amazon adding more contests and who is buying dick clark productions? emily chang is live with today's after the bell report. >> hi, larry. a group released ids for more than a million apple devices first on the agenda today. information including user names, id numbers and types of devices used what. is interesting is where the user data came frchl the group claims they pulled 12 million ids from an fbi agent's lap top. the fbi saying it did not have a file containing the data hackers claim to have stolen.
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no comments from apple so far. and there are reports saying cambodia agreed to deport of the pirated share site back. he was arrested last week and he and four co-defendants were convicted in sweden of violating copy right laws and helping consumers down load music. samsung said it found no under age workers at the factory of one of the chinese suppliers, china labor watch said seven children were working in a factory making products. samsung did find workers but says they were students who were there illegally. and arizona is adding more content to its instant video service. and signed an agreement that
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gives access to thinks of movies. and it comes after amazon signs similar deals with mgm and warner brothers. and as for market, the s and p and dow closed lower but nasdaq was higher after apple helped spark a rebound in shares. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed higher, sales of apple, yahoo and also hewlett-packard pulling index up. and an investment group is buying dick clark productions. the producer behind new year's rocking eve, golden globes and more. gugen him's partners are buying the company from red zone capitol management for an undisclosed price. the company founded by dick clark, who died in april. >> and at bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> and let's take a look
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weather now with spencer christian. >> there are storms. >> yes. yes. and there is some subtropical system that's sizzled to the south. this could produce interesting factors here, let's take a look at conditions ahead of possibility of thunderstorms. there is western skies you can see sutro tower is approaching the coast in the city but pushing across the bay yet. there is a radar image of the fog along the coastline. there is right now sunny skies around the bay, and in our inland locations and you can see from golden gate south, the fog is pressed up against the coast. northward there is an area of sunny skies and this is warm
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inland but not hot. 86 concord, san jose, 76 degrees, and 81 in santa rosa. 60 degrees in san francisco. partly cloudy skies overnight. mix of clouds and sun tomorrow, a slight chance of thunderstorms into thursday rmt more on that in just a moment. lows will be into low to mid-50s. and let's take a look at what's happening in after the moss sphere now. there is a satellite image shing a developing but still weak upper level low off shore. it's very dry air aloft. that is still flowing and it's replaced by a system with a circulation that will help pull up circulation. we've got remnants of iliana and john. that have produced a treem of moisture headed into our direction. some moves through tomorrow and thursday. there is some clouds and
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moisture moving through. with the afternoon and evening, could produce thunderstorms or two. slight chance into thursday. and there is ingredients there for a possibility of developments. sunny skies and warm, highs into low to mid-80s and into mid-70s to about 80 degrees. upper 50s on the coast. there is 60s into sunset district z near east bay, highs from loi to mid 70s and inland east bay, a little bit warmer and upper 80s to around 90s. here is the accu-weather forecast. just a slight chance of showers but that is not the focus. we're looking at just a mix of clouds and sun. there is a cool down heading into the weekend. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, the
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band greenday on tour forced to make a decision that has the group beyond devastated. >> and there is a wrecking crane coming down to tear down an institution. >> and taking a look at traffic now, this is interstate 680. there is where you can see things moving now. so that is a big change from the way it's been all day lodge. we're going to have the report for you. >> and on the righthand side of the screen this is 680 south down the road and two of the five lanes have been reopened. the chp is hoping to reopen the entire freeway. there are other three lanes by ak p.m. we're about eight hours past shooting that look the live of a driver. there is a chp officer in critical condition.
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entertainment news now, george michael back on tour after illness kept him way. >> and we have details for you from on the red carpet. here is rachel smith. >> it's been a year since george michael was hospitalized in the middle of
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his tour. tonight he's back on stage performing for the worker who's treated him. and this is where he fell ill with knew moana. he wrote it's that time again. i get to open a tour sing together men and women who saved my life. and rock band green day is back on stage after canceling a concert in italy sunday. they say lead singer was hospitalized and doctors told him not to play. >> we really were looking forward to playing in bologna as a highlight of the tour. we're beyond devastated and this is. >> the band is expected to go get back on the stage tonight in ind ind change could be coming to the new year's eve television countdown. the production company has been sold. the new owner is an investor group. the company first sold to a
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private equity firm in 2007, but clark still played a role in his death this year. get more news at i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> and facebook stock hits a new low today. now, the blame game has begun. taking a look at the fall out as stock prices continue to crop drop. we'll have a live report next. >> and a san francisco school where students return today after a devastating flood. >> and then, do you want fries with that? a chain known for burgers is
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the price of facebook stock fell to yet another low today. criticism intensifies over who is to blame. and david louie joins us live from facebook head quarters in menlo park. >> there is every day stock markets are open they face a vote of their competence or skepticism. facebook is facing a serious crisis of confidence. this started in may.
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mark zuckerman presided over the ipo. facebook supposed to be a poster child fr a big silicon valley resurge jens but the stock has been a dud closing today at yet another record low. and that is a loss of over $50 billion in value. "new york times" and "forbes" are doing finger pointing. "forks" blames ceo, zuckerberg. and facebook declined a request from abc 7 news to comment for this story, which the forbes san francisco bureau chief says under scores a critical issue. >> the fact the company has not been particularly communicative with investors in the post ipo period about what is going on. where are their issues and stepping up to defend the
4:32 pm
company stock just hasn't happened. >> what does facebook have besides data? i'm not convinced they've figured out how to monday ties that information they have. >> i think it's losing it's luster. but i doubt that currently at in with the stock is going to determine the user. >> and the blame game is in high gear. >> i'm not an expert but i would say it's probably both. >> and face book will face shareholders when reporting earnings at the end of next month. >> thank you. and the long wait for the next iphone may be soon over. apple computers hinting it will unveil next week.
4:33 pm
apple has hasn't said it's coming up but clues abound. check out the invitation sent to the press. there are few details except location and the date, september 12th. number 12 casts a shadow resembling a five in the for ground. two and two together in this case a five. >> so clever. >> and in san francisco it's back to class again for students of our lady of the visitation school out for a week as of today because of a massive sink hole and flooding forcing the school and convent to shut down. there is back to school do over. >> i'm just glad the school is open. i thank the lord and hope everybody is safe. and healthy enough for the doidz attend school for the day. >> we're happy that kids will be back to school and everything is okay.
4:34 pm
this is great. >> a week ago, disaster, a sink hole at the corner sent water flooding into our lady of the visitation school and convent. today, the streets are fixed and so is most of the school. >> this is great and looks beautiful. >> the principal sedz the school has been recarpeted and desks, sanitized but the gym is out of commission indefinitely. >> we're an inner city school. the kids rely on the gym. they can walk to go to the gym z now, they don't have a gym to practice for sports and games. >> the convent displaced four nun who's live there. >> just take a day at a time and move on. tomorrow is another day. >> good spirits all around, despite the back to school set back. >> i feel great to be back here. it's good to be back.
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it's good to see the kids. and great to see parents. >> and the students were given home work assign manies while away from the school here, as far as water main break p.u.c. says it was a 42 inch main that broke and actually part of a newly-renovated system but they're still investigating the cause of the break. >> fire official tell us a wildfire will not be contained until next week. the so called williams fire is hasn't seen flames for 20 years, there is very tough for firefighters. right now the fire is only 50% contained with nearly 4,000 acres destroyed. the fire started sunday afternoon from unknown cause autos the pentagon is threatening to file criminal charges against a former navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a book about the way they killed osama bin laden. the book released today, it's
4:36 pm
climbed to the stop of -- top of amazon bestseller list raising questions about bin laden could have been taken alive. dpeens department says the book contains sensitive and classified information. pentagon officials accuse td author of violating a agreement requiring him to send a draft to the military for review. >> it's important that those involved in such operations take care to protect sensitive and classified information. >> the author wrote the book under a pseudonym. he could go to jail if a court finds he revealed classified information. >> mcdonald is going vegetarian. well, at least in india, it is. saying it wants to indicator to local tastes. menu items expected to include mcveggie. most of indian population avoids certain types of meat. the first location scheduled to open in northern indian
4:37 pm
near the golden temp yale yell. >> go with your mcveggie, tropical toothpaste. >> why not? >> scientists looking to add more ef flavor a tropical fruit could fight cavities. >> and is it worth paying hundreds of dollars for a baby high chair? consumer reports tested 19 chairs and coming up, which ones get thumbs up. >> we can see low clouds moving over san francisco. and more clouds next couple days. the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and interstate 680 will be further down road there is a shooting involving a chp officer and a suspect in a traffic stop. the officer is on live support. the suspect dead, but you can see now at this location, traffic is moving but further down the line
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checking healthy living news this afternoon, lung cancer rates on the rise in nonspokers and women according to a study. researchers found nonsmokers makeup nearly 12% of patients up from nearly 8% in 2000. the number of women diagnosed with nonsmall cell lung cancer
4:41 pm
increased by more than 8%. and researchers point to exhaust fumes as part of the findings possible link. >> and consumers could soon find coconut oil in dental products a study suggesting it may prevent tooth decay. researchers in ireland discovered when could could nut oil is ingested it attacks and destroys bacteria that causes tooth decay. they suggest it could be added to dental care products and affects 60% to 90% of children in industrialized country. >> time to check on accu-weather forecast. >> we're going to start with how wide range of temperatures is yesterday, let's start with the coast in pacifica. there is and and there is 71
4:42 pm
degrees and inland in antioch, reaching 91 degrees so there is a wide spread. time lapse view this afternoon, looking out over the day there are clouds moving by and there are sunny skies. tomorrow there is a mixed bag. and won't be hot except in a couple spots. 100 degrees in dallas. notice how many areas will be seeing thunderstorms tomorrow into the teeft and upper mid west. and there is warm up north in chico. there is maybe coastal thunderstorms near big sur here, mainly sunny skies, and coastal fog, high temperatures upper 50s to maybe 90 into warmest inland spots. we can see a thunderstorm or two into afternoon.
4:43 pm
just a slight chance, widely scattered. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and don't forget, we're just six days from the debut of abc 7's new afternoon talk show. katie starts next monday at 3:00 right before abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and head on abc 7 news at 4:00 it's live with celly and... naming a permanent replacement for regis philbin. >> and first, 19 baby high chairs found one with a serious flaw that can jury your child. up next which are the safest and a feature some make feeding babies easier. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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we noi fan the man sitting next to kelly rippa. here is the big reveal. >> nine months and i am about to give birth to my new co-host. >> and it's the name we're expecting to hear. and this former nfl star surprised teammates with roses. and add in guests plus a friendly competition. before you knew it, hour was over. after michael's first official day as co-cost of the show it's time to answer questions
4:47 pm
instead of ask them. strayhan one of five dozen people who co-hosted the show after regis philbin retired. >> there is 14 years at "new york times", how long do you think you're going to last with this giant? >> this giant? >> hopefully, as long, if not longer. >> do you know what? we have fun. there is just a good time. and we laugh. and there is no better job. >> there is like a rainbow of lightness and optimism. so it's very lovely. and to have that. >> you never know who is going to sit here next.
4:48 pm
>> i'm comfortable z kelly makes it easy. kelly makes you feel you're at home. >> there is a big man of michael, singling out the time he announced her with a magic mike inspired strip tease. >> if i have to swing point a moment that, would be the moment. >> now, i'm in magic mike, two. >> michael says he's ready for the new adventure. >> tell me what you'll swing to the show? >> fun. >> fun, energy and i'm just excited. >> let the fun bee begin. >> and absolutely. well, a reminder live with kelly and michael airs weekdays on abc 7 now on who wants to be a millionaire host meredith vieira. and new york knicks forward. >> there is high chairs make
4:49 pm
feeding labory easier. >> estimated 11,000 children end up in emergency rooms every year. >> and michael fin gee here now with his best pick. >> it's important to choose the right one. so figures right there. high chairs have come a long way over the years. they made safety improvements as well as enhance manies for convenience. consumer reports now tests the latest model. joyce o conner says a high chair was a must have for her baby and and there is $265 and this is to ensure they meet safety standards. >> and safest are those with a five point harness important to use for securing your child.
4:50 pm
there should abe post like this to help prevent your child from shipping out. there is a problem with this chair. >> the child could slide down and fall to the floor or, his head could get caught. >> the child can slip out of a side of the chair. because of the safety problems consumer reports issued a safety alert on this dream on me high chair. consumer reports tested convenience and this there are two this is something just tips of top off and still have a clean surface. and they tested prima papa high chair and it's easy to clean.
4:51 pm
and and for $85 and there is a height adjustment so you can feed at different levels and easy wash surface. and after this high chair there are no reports of injuries but consumer reports still advises own dwrorz stop using it. the company says the chair is no longer being made and working with the government. the consumer products safety commission confirms it's looking into the dream on me high chair. and if you own one, you can contact the manufacturer directly. and you can find our telephone number on abc 7 >> sheer brilliance. >> and coming up next, how president obama is counting on a couple of medias to help
4:52 pm
him. >> and plus, ever see a political ad on tv and wonder how much this costs to make? and who is paying for it? now there is an app for that. >> then at 5:00 michael finney returns to show how retailers are already beginning to compete. for your holiday shopping dollar. yes. coming up.
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prz obama is counting on the comedy two harold and kumar web campaign ad. >> remember i'm trusting you on this. >> and actor cal pen is hosting the dnc online
4:56 pm
coverage from charlotte, north carolina. and the republicans have clint eastwood. now, democrats want to draft betty white at this week's and there is more than 8,000 signature asks supporters may be out of luck saying she's in production for two tv shows and might not be available. >> and there are so many tests and creators with new tech tools hoping to do that in today's convention down load. >> voters will hear plenty of ads but new tech tools aimed to take power from big super packs.
4:57 pm
>> this matches sound waves to a mock information beyond 30 seconds on the air waves like how much money and who spent it and links to fact checking sites about claims. >> this goal is to ed skate and engage average voters around the money coming in from super pack autos social peace is taking a kick start style approach. >> this is people getting interesting messages. >> and through crowd funding. yes. >> and ad makers post on the site if they reach a fund raising threshold an ading awill help get it on the web and on tvf they don't, voters get their money back.
4:58 pm
>> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. want to remind you about our cool new alarm clock app you can down load for free and receive bay area news headlines the moment you wake up. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> and there are hate breaking details on a clo thur shoour that could reopen anymore now. >> and a routine stop that ended in this highway shootout. >> there is fog now but soon may be tracking thunderstorms. i'll have details coming up. >> there is interstate 880 supposed to reopen invofting a chp officer. >> there is a routine traffic stop triggering a gun battle
4:59 pm
that a chp officer is now on live support and a suspect is dead. >> we have live and this affected commuters once again with vic lee. vick? >> the sheriff's spokesman held a briefing just a little while ago here at the park and ride stop which is near highway 680678 he told us they still have no motive. they still... >> he was taken to john muir medical center ask said to be in critical condition. >> sth he told reporters he's based in the field office in martinez. the shooting happened this morning in alamo near la vernea road exit. and investigators say the gunfire occurred after officer made a traffic stop on a the second officer was also on the scene. and here a
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